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Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Tree Treasures

I love the idea of sharing our favorite & most memorable ornaments on the Christmas Tree. I have been anticipating this post for awhile.

I went to the tree last night to pick my favorites and I realized truly...I love them all. I have weeded down my ornaments over the past couple of years and only hang the ones I really want to hang. Ideally (and perhaps someday) I'd have a decorated tree in each room... large ones...and decorate each one uniquely. That way I could incorporate all styles I love.

I selected 10 favorite ornaments to include in this post.

#10 & #9 is the dragonfly and the beaded 'ring' behind it. I love the dragonfly and have just three of them randomly placed on branches. I have always loved dragonflies and these ornaments just remind me of the little creature. They were a gift from my mother. The 'ring' of beads was a gift from my nephew...I believe he was 6 or 7 when he made it. He actually made us two...the other is on the other side of the tree.

#8 & #7 are the pink rose and the "dream" glitter ornament. I got the dream ornament after ogling it at one of my favorite stores. It's made from antique hollywood glass glitter. I love it. I finally broke down and bought it with a gift certificate. The pink rose is actually broken on the back side. I picked it for my mother and had to buy her a new one. I still love the little 'delicate' rose and it clips on the branch. It reminds me of friendship and how fragile it is. It reminds me to cherish each friend.

#6 & #5 & #4 are the ornaments one of my best friends made us last year. They are snow royalty! I love, love, love them. They are truly precious little snowpeople. Next to the'll see the "wish" ornament which is another favorite of mine (I told you they were all favorites). I love WORDS (as if you didn't know) and ornaments are no exception. My packages almost ALL have word ornaments hanging from them. Words speak...sometimes better than I could.

Behind the snowMAN is a little bear with a 'topaz' in it. It's the first ornament my mother got me when I was a child, when she started purchasing each of us one ornament a year. That year it was an AVON Birthstone Bear ornament. I put it on my tree each year and remember the year or it's 'birth'.

#3 is the cross. I love what it says and what it represents. Enough said.

#2 is the plastic cup ornament that says: Rancho Snafu. The picture is not as clear as I would have liked. A coworker/friend made it for me in 1997. It is an actual Ranch another friend built in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was her retirement home. A group of them spent a portion of the summer of 1997 in Colorado building the environmentally friendly ranch.

The ornament is especially important to me for a couple of reasons. The girl who made the ornament always includes some 'holy' dirt from Chimayo. It's considered blessed by God and 'healing dirt'. I don't know about it's 'power' but it is something special to go and retrieve this dirt each year.

The second reason it is so important is the friend whose "ranch" it is, died of a recurrence of Breast Cancer 2 years ago. She was a very dear friend and co-worker before we both moved away from Albuquerque. She had passion for life and such fierce love for God.

She really taught me so much about marriage (before I wed) and the art of being a good wife. She taught me so many things, both work related and life related. While she'll always be in my heart and in my memories...I miss her wisdom and smiles and words. I look forward to seeing her in heaven.

I hadn't seen her since she retired in 1998 and moved to this ranch. She was able to live in it for several years and enjoy many a grandchild visit prior to her return to heaven. This ornament will always hang on my long as I live. very favorite ornament (though it doesn't hang on the tree, at least that I'm aware of....) is this hunky husband o' mine! You already know all the reasons why he's the best 'ornament' in my life. He lights me up like the brightest Christmas Tree and adorns my life with love that shines bright all the way to Heaven!

Have a Friday that is Merry & Bright!

and get over to Morning Glory's place for more of thse Christmas Tree Treasures.


Peach said...

These are beautiful, and I love the stories behind them. Your best "ornament" is wonderful, and you are a sweet wife to give such a tribute.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at all your favorite ornaments, but I bet the last "favorite" ornament is your most precious one of all! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Queen Beth said...

What a bunch of wonderful ornaments! I am really enjoying this tour. So many dfferent ornaments and beautiful stories behind each one! Thanks for playing my Mom's game!

Merry Christmas!

Morning Glory said...

Kim, these are incredible treasures! Thank you so much for sharing them. I have to say my favorite would be the little topaz bear that was your first childhood ornament. He's soooo cute! Each of these is so special and the stories that go with them are very heart-warming. Thanks so much for being part of this fun event. I've had such a good time visiting all the trees today.

That hunky man should be your tree topper!!

Dawn said...

What great stories. I will do this later, because I had to honor Kristen and my DIL (unnamed) for their mutual birthdays - please check out the tribute and go over and wish them HB!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the last ornament isn't as fragile as the others! :)

I'll remember this as we (finally) decorate our tree this weekend!

Dawn said...

Their birthdays are actually today - Blogger dates when you compose, so it looks wrong. Thanks!

Sue said...

Loved seeing all your ornaments. How fun that you have the little Avon one from the year of your birth. What a treasure!

Pamela said...

What adorable Christmas ornaments! I truly enjoyed reading the cherished sentimental stories behind them.

Such a lovely friend that made you the plastic cup ornament that says, "Rancho Snafu". You can hear the love you felt for her in your heart, she really was a blessing in your life. :)

Lala's world said...

that was so great! I am so enjoying this tour of tree treasures! the pic of you hubby is such a nice added touch, I feel the same way about mine!
My treasures are up too

lrlwreath said...

Picture of your hubby was awesome. Each ornament is awesome, thank you so much for sharing each one. Isn't it amazing how some ornament are so special because of who gave them.


Barb said...

Your snow people are adorable, Kpjara. But the ornament from the friend who lost her battle with breast cancer moved me to tears. I can't begin to imagine how much you treasure that one.

I have to say, I love the way you've decorated the peak of your roof. LOL

What a great post. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Kristen said...

Wonderful ornaments and I loved the stories behind them. I really like the ornament on your roof! LOL!! He has such a determined look on his face! Cracks me up!

Thanks for visiting mine. It's taking me a while to get around to everyone's today. Work, y'know. :-)

Tammy said...

Oh I loved your last creative and loving of you...I'm sure you do your dear friend proud in the wifey department!!

Sally said...

Thanks Kim, I'm finding it hard to get into a Christmas mood right now- but you have helped me ... there is meaning beneath the tinsel!

gail said...

I love your cross one and the "ranch" one; that is so special about your friend. But I especially like your last ornament, looks good there on the roof!
It's fun to see everyone's ornaments.

Nancy said...

I loved all of your ornaments but the last one has to be the best!

PEA said...

I so enjoyed seeing your ornaments and reading the story behind them! A Christmas tree holds so many treasures and memories, it's a shame we only take it out once a year!! The last ornament you showed us....very precious indeed! hehe Merry Christmas to you and yours:-)

Cool Mama said...

Hey there! Loved the stories behind each of your ornaments. I'm not technically gifted enough to be able to take pictures and post them, so I'm enjoying seeing everyone else's!! Anyway, Merry Christmas...and may this New Year be marked by love...and His presence and His power in your life! And may that 'new journey' you seem to be sensing in your spirit these days, become clearer to you! Bless ya..

Dawn said...

I finally got mine up!

Anonymous said...

Kim, those ornaments are beautiful!! And i love your idea of putting a tree in each room and decorating each one differently. I would love to do that someday too.
My tree is all purple and silver, but I would love one with all sots of goodies on it too - without spoiling my purple and silver tree. LOL!!!

Barbara H. said...

I love the stories behind these and am so glad Morning Glory hosted this! I love the cross especially!

We just got our tree up Saturday and I just got my pictures up this afternoon.