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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I Met Mary Poppins...

...for dogs that is!

Last night our dog-sitter stopped by. I hadn't even spoken to her on the phone as Paul did all the arranging for this sitter and meeting. She came by the house about 5:40-ish (after calling of course) and I went to the front door to help greet her (translation: control the dogs). The 'girls' can be a tad over-welcoming to all who approach from the front. We actually have friends come in through the garage so as not to be impaled by claws upon entry.

The moment the dog-sitter speaks, the girls while excited, are not overly so. They don't jump up on her as they do most. It could be because she immediately kneeled down to their level and in the sweetest, most charming southern accent she proceeded to love on them both.

She didn't show favoritism (which usually occurs). We have one very 'beautiful' golden/cocker spaniel mix that everyone is naturally drawn to (and she is the Alpha dog), and a little more 'plain' black/white rat terrier mix that is less furry and striking by most standards.

She spent a full 5 minutes in the entry way just talking to them and petting them and 'figuring them out'.

She then came on in and I was almost as mesmerized as the 'girls' as I proceeded to ask her about how she got started in this business and how long she'd been a 'sitter'. She cleans houses as her primary business, but she LOVES much so that she carries a bag of dog biscuits with her to offer to strays as she tries to rescue them from the streets or at least offer some food relief.

I fully expect the dogs to be disappointed upon our return because they won't get to see their new best friend until our next trip.

And so I pack with confidence that the girls will have the best care and we can enjoy this short trip.

I'll write tomorrow from the other end of the road!


Becky Wolfe said...

How sweet! She sounds like a perfect dog-sitter! What a great job to satisfy her love for dogs. I'm sure they'll be in very capable hands!

Safe journies!!

Kristen said...

So great that your girls have someone trustworthy and loving to take care of them! Now you can relax and not worry while you're gone! ;-)

Dawn said...

I love the Mary Poppins for dogs story! We have only had one dog in our married life - Fritzie the daschund. He was precious to us and when he went to doggie heaven, we did not replace him. We had the kids' cats after they left home, got cats, then couldn't have them any more in their apartments. Now we're petless and will stay that way - for the very reason you talk about. Too tied down to do the traveling we hope to do when we retire (not too far away!)

I'm so glad you found Mary and hope you're having a wonderful time. I'm doing the Jesus meme today.

And congrats to your SIL on her master's degree in what? I works with MSW students and know what a HUGE deal this is to her and her family.