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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Cost of gas in region: $ 2.80/gallon

Price for gas for trip: $ 121.74

Cost of Hotel for 2 night: $ 180.00

Cost of gift for SIL: $ 55.00

Cost for doggy sitter: $ 60.00

Husband attending little sister's graduation party: Priceless

Yes, we're taking another trip back to Albuquerque. You may recall I "Blogged" the entire trip last time and each stop we made along the path as that was our vacation for the year. This year I wasn't sure we would be going, however; Paul's little sister has received her Masters degree and he really wanted to attend the party.

If I were completely honest I'd say I don't 'dig' these short 3 day trips where 18 hours of the trip are on the highway. I'd also say I don't enjoy HUGE gatherings...actually I KNOW I've said that before. BUT...I know how much this matters to my husband, his family (especially his little sister), and I know these are the moment that matter in life.

I'm one of those people who say regularly: "Life is about choices...choose well!" I totally believe this. I don't always practice it...particularly in some of the words I have chosen and in some of the arguments I have elected to participate in, but I do believe this adage.

We hit a pretty big snafu early on in the pre-planning because our current dog-sitters (i.e. my parents) were going on their own 2 week vacation and weren't available for their grand-dogs. We started calling around thinking...'no biggee, we'll find a dog-sitter.' UH....BIGGEE! We started by calling...I guess I should say PAUL started by getting online and calling the 'bonded and insured' sitters first. They wanted $20.00 per visit. Each time they come let the dogs out!!! or $50.00 per day. That's almost as much as our hotel.

Then we started asking friends who love dogs...none available.

We then contacted the vet and went to the pet stores and got a few names. We finally found the one we HOPE to use. We (Paul, me and the 'girls') will be meeting with her this Wednesday to make sure it's a good fit. Before you even ask, we couldn't use a kennel because the girls are 10 years old and have never been away from home (except for walks and moving), and they would FREAK out.

We tried to take one of them for grooming and she cornered the groomer. Paul had to go pick her up. Needless to say, one semi-pro groomer purchaser later, I'm the groomer (with help from my sometimes-reluctant husband).

Suffice to say I've decided this could be a great 2nd job for us. We both agree we could let dogs in and out over weekends and make some extra bucks! We're going to check on the insurance because I don't want any problems, but it seems to be a good idea so far.

And remember if you have pets, take them to the kennels early in their lives so they get used to it. I've already decided all future pets of mine are going at least 6 times a year for overnight visits so I can travel in peace.

I'm going to be sure and take photographs along the way and blog at least once so I can share the experience once again...and it gives me a little 'cool down' period each evening after the family get-together.

Have a pet-friendly Wednesday!


swandive said...

Do you have craigslist ( where you are? Its a great resource for pet-sitting! Blessings,

Diane said...

What a great idea for retirement!

Have a great trip! Can't wait to see the photos and hear all about it.


Just Me said...

Hi! Hope you enjoy your trip. I can identify with you tho...long road trips are not usually my forte either...and I used to not enjoy large gatherings either! (Boy you and I on a road trip would be quite a sight eh?!!) ..But God's done some healing - I should say ALOT of healing...and not only can I handle the long drives now..but I actually don't mind the gatherings!~ ( I used to hide in the kitchen until I'd be brave enough to come out...OR failing to find a kitchen in some facilities..I'd just find some corner to try and feel inconspicious in!) ..Anwyays..I'll be praying for you! My sense is, you're going to come away with a great story of God doing something great in small act of love! Oh..and doggity sitting?! ya...I feel the pain on that one too!

Kristen said...

I hope the trip is great and priceless! ;-)

By the way, I'm at a new spot now:

Stop by and say Hi! ;-)