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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life Savior

Yes, you read that's not about the five flavored candy disks with the hole in the middle. It's about our Savior...our LIFE Savior.

On the heels of the upcoming Christian Holy-Day I can't help but reflect how Christ has saved me time and time again. I thought I would write a short tribute to those moments in my life when Jesus was more than Lord and Love...times when He was my LIFE Savior!

Picture if you will a girl, just one girl, praying for her Knight in Shining Armor. Now picture a Father above who loves her enough to bring His perfect mate for her at HIS perfect timing. The meeting is somewhat stilted and not as idyllic as one might suppose as the enemy tempts the two to self-destruct their union.

Somewhere in the heavens, on a cloudless night, a Father hears the cries of His daughter and He straightens the once crooked path. He removes the obstacles and replaces the temptations with the everlasting cord of three strands that tests stronger than any temptation can bear. He assures His much loved daughter that He has created this man just for her.

...And two people fell in love!

Picture if you will a girl, just one girl, praying for purpose for her life. Praying that the things she loves to do the most would align with the reason her Father created her. Now picture a Father above who loves her enough to have given her gifts not just at birth, but BEFORE that...long before that. Before the girl was a desire, He gave her intent and purpose. He gave her gifts to accompany her and make her life meaningful and bring Him glory and honor. He gave her gifts to use every single day of her life on earth and beyond.

...And the girl wrote and created and worked for God's glory!

Now picture if you will a girl, just one girl, growing older and unsure if her life has brought Him glory. Wondering if there was something she could have done, should DO to bring her life in line with His will. Now picture a Father smiling on the woman, and holding her tight in His arms and telling day at a time my dear child!

I thank God for this LIFE Savior and for what this Holy-Day means to me...and to each one of us...whether we know it...or not!

Happy Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday!

...Oh and I have SO missed this and all of you!


Dawn said...

Aw, you're back - these words are beautiful and heartfelt. I've missed "seeing" you over at my place as well as reading your provocative words. I hope things are going well at your new job.

Blessings on this blessed week-end!

Rachelle said...

Yes, this time of year really makes me reflect, too, on the amazing gifts He's given me... the amazing gift of Himself most of all!

GiBee said...

K, dear -- of course your life brings him glory! You poor your heart out so beautifully on this blog, and you keep us all thinking... and you show us God's love. Have you ever thought of blogging as a "ministry" of sorts? Because it does minister to many of us!

Yes. Your life does indeed bring him glory. Never doubt that, my friend!

Shalee said...

We've missed you too!

I love how you use your blog to direct us toward seeking God. That is a blessing to us all.

Nancy said...

You are a blessing to me through the words that you write. God is good. Thank you for sharing your "gift". HAPPY EASTER!

Dawn said...

Check out Care Bear's latest prayer!

Tam said...

Oh the gifted girl can write! What a blessing you are to so many, blessed am I to be among them.