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Sunday, April 15, 2007

In Search Of...

When I was MUCH younger, a friend and I placed ‘personal ads’ for each other (sort of on a bet). She wrote my ad and I wrote hers. Suffice to say…in retrospect, it was a really bad idea!

Enough said…

I was thinking about a personal ad for a church...something like this perhaps:

MCF ISO NDC w/H.S. Gifts present.
Desire prayerful group.
Active ACTS community desirable.

Let me translate that for you:

Married Christian Female in search of Non-denomination church with Holy Spirit gifts present. Desire prayerful group that gets together, loves one another, takes care of one another and is open to all newcomers.

Then I thought a step further...what about a computerized church matching tool that might be a bit more useful than traditional dating services.

Think about it. You plug in what your beliefs are, doctrinal knowledge, and spiritual gifts. You could be as specific as you want. Perhaps have Y/N questions too.

Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe in prayer languages?
Do you believe in healing?
Do you know the Lord’s Prayer?
Do you know the Apostle’s Creed?
Do you know WHAT you believe?
Do you question God?
Do you even speak to God?
Do you hear God?
Do you listen to God?

Then the computer would match you to a local church (hopefully) and place you in the best ‘fit’. Just a thought…

How did you find the church you’re in now? Or did it find you? Please chime in…


Dawn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words on Kev's and my story.

Interesting idea!! I'm one of those who hasn't strayed from the church of my youth, wince Dad became a pastor. In fact, I've been in the same body for 35 years. YIKES! We've had many ups and many downs, but some of us have stuck it out together through thick and thin. And God has blessed us immeasurably.

Diane said...

What a great idea! I wonder if there is a church out there that would meet all of our beliefs!

I'm feeling a little cycnical right now as we are experiencing growing pains within our church (as I type!) We began as a "seeker" friendly church 16 years ago....and are struggling with meeting the needs of more mature Christians. Even those who made faith commitments 16 years ago, have now grown in their walk...and need spiritual nourishment beyond "milk."

It is true, church's must match up with our beliefs...and our beliefs must support growing churches. I'm not sure if that translates so well in print.....what I really mean is this: We must pray for our churches....the body ministers to many different people in many different stages of spiritual growth. THAT's a big task!


GiBee said...

I started attending our church when I began dating my husband. We've been married in this church, we dedicated our son in this church, and we'll probably die in this church.

God has provided our church with incredible members... Then, God provided our church with an awesome senior pastor and wife team ... then he provided us with an awesome associate pastor and wife team (worship/music leaders) ... who can argue when God provides?!?

aggiejenn said...

When we moved to our city, we made a list of churches we wanted to visit, based on word of mouth or their websites (if they had them). We started with the first one and it was so friendly and comfortable that we still attend there almost 5 years later. It's a hard decision, but I ask myself, "Can I grow in this environment?" and "Can we serve here?" Hope that helps.

Cool Mama said...

Oh crack me up! I love the way your mind works!! Oh..and how did I pick our church? Well, actually I loved the worship...loved the sermons - the pastor was a great preacher- but absolutely HATED how 'disorganized' it seemed to me - and 'wild'. But guess what? God ends up telling me, "This is where I want you to go." Oh no! I couldnt' believe it! Then, with my giagantic ego, Ifigured it was because I was going to bring some 'order' into the place - but God was planning on using 'them' to bring some spontenaity and grace, into mine! did I pick my church? I didn't - God picked it for me!

Tam said...

you know that we are in a similar state only with just slightly different in Jesus.

HE will show Paul, and you.

Praying that God brings you into a glorious church that belongs soley to Him.

Joy M. said...

My church found me. You remember the strain I went through as I learned to accept where God had put me. I'll be praying for you to find (and know that you have found) where God wants to plant you.

sarah walston said...

Hey KP. I've never read your site before, just always see your name on the blogosphere. Thought I'd stop by and check it out.

I personally think a computer church matching program is a FANTASTIC idea. When you find a new church, wouldn't it be fun to say, "Oh ... we met on the internet!" HA!

Very cute.

We left our church a year ago and I was feeling the very same way. Dechurched. Unreligious. And, franklky, angry with God over all our church experiences as Christians...esp. my husband who, after only his 1st year of being a believer, felt torn down by our then pastor. Needless to say, after having many bad experiences with most of the families we were in fellowship with - we have finally disconnected from a certain circle of Christians in our community and are finding our way into a new community - praise be to God!

It was not an easy journey - the past year. It's been full of heartache, guilt, and strife between believers who couldn't just be quiet and let God work His own way through our lives but felt compelled to offer their own judgements and condemnations for making decisions that were "clearly not Godly and bore bad fruit!" I've even had the displeasure of someone actually taking the liberty to blog about her opinion of my spiritual state! Yeah...that was not fun! Thank God we are finally free from all those sorts.

We found a church a few weeks ago that is a good fit. Theologically, it's not so strong. But the elements of corporate worship that my husband and I feel strongly about are present and in a format that we can accept and the teaching is simply from a different perspective (free will) than what we've been involved in the past 6 years (hyper-reformed).

We are so thankful to be back in church again. It's really a refreshing time and I know my spirit is encouraged each Sunday and I seem to have a spiritual high that I ride on for a few days...and then of course, being human and all... you know I have to go ask for some more grace...but still.

Just wanted to encourage you in finding a new place for your family. God has the perfect place picked out for you already and in His timing it will all work together.

I know that if we had visited this church a year ago, when we left our other congregation, that we would have been turned off. God had some deprogramming to do as well as some growing up to do...

Sorry this is so long!