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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Joy of Cubicles

I remember cracking up as GiBee shared some of her cubicle tales and thinking "What fun that must be!"

Now here I sit with the 4 foot maze of walls before me. I can see across all 40-60 cubicles surrounding me. I thought I had it 'good' being off in a corner with a vacant cubicle next to me and a quiet tenant in front of me.

The honeymoon is over! I was informed someone would be moving in next to me...another supervisor (over another department). They didn't give me much information other than I'd have to find a new storage space for some checks and printing paraphernalia.

I hardly gave it another thought...except the loss of storage that I thought was our departments.

Well in the words of Gomer Pyle: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! She's decided to start moving stuff over today! She doesn't officially come until next week, but she wanted to 'load her drawers' with all her coffee creamers and cubs and 'personal' snacks. I had to find a new place for my WORK related stuff today!

Second, even BIGGER surprise...She's LOUD...I don't mean she screams out (at least not yet, though I've heard she does occasionally)...I mean her everyday, working voice is BOOMING! She is like a human volcano, spewing forth all day! She is LOUD to the point of erupting with each word she carries. Her voice could easily carry across 25-30 cubicles and probably over all the cubicles back to where her staff sits.

I'm almost certain they requested she be moved and I can see why. For one, they can still hear her loud and clear from across the room.

I don't know if you've picked up on this yet, but I'm fairly quiet, keep-to-myself sort of girl, unless provoked or driving (really one in the same usually). I try very hard to mind my own business, but it seems this new 'shared space' will be my business.

Sad but true admission: I struggle with LOUD people. Not the fun, life-of-the-party people, but the LOUD just to be LOUDER than everyone else people! I don't enjoy people who raise their voice thinking that will MAKE me hear them. The moment their voices drone above an INSIDE voice, I zone out, in an effort to protect both my eardrums and my sanity.

Second sad truth: These are the same people that i have to ASK God to show me what it is He seems in them. And the Lord reminds ME, that He died for them too!

I told you it was sad...that's the reality of ME...He's not done with me yet and I hope He never is!

I'll end this south bound post with an uplifting story: I was having a monthly meeting with some staff and we were discussing financial matters and work flow in the midst of some pretty major changes about to be implemented, when one of the women said this to another:

"M, on the xyz report do you do your OWN eyebrows?"

Yes, she did say that.

I just looked up and without a pause said "Could we stay on track please."

And YES, M does her own eyebrows and they are quite stunning!


Shalee said...

Now you're seeing what this work buddies stuff is all about!

And yes, I'll be praying for you. Perhaps you should invest in some earplugs too...

Rachelle said...

Oh my, I can totally relate! I know most businesses have cubicles... but I really didn't understand it when I was an in-house book editor. Seriously, we have to sit there with our nose in a book all day, very intensely concentrating, and we're surrounded by loud people making phone calls and chatting and such. It never made sense to me, and in fact, it caused most of the editors to have to take a lot of work home at night.

Well, I guess it prepared me for my current job... book editing and writing completely from home... with two daughters and a husband asking "what's for dinner?"

Nancy said...

Oh bless you... this is going to be hard! I do not know how you will get your work done. GOOD LUCK!

Dawn said...

Oh, I feel so bad for you! I would have a hard time adjusting to that. I have the advantage of having a door, though I have a very small, very stuffy office with the doors closed. But at least I can! Bless you! It'll take an act of God to make this okay.

Spookie the Warrior said...

Oh Kim, I just know that she's going to be absolutely crazy about you. And loud people usually have a heart ache and just want someone to show a bit of llove and kindness - they become different people, trust me!

You two are going to get along just fine. With God on your side - you can't do otherwise!!

I have faith in you.

GiBee said...

Oh, yes ... welcome to the world of loud cube mates ... the kind where you feel like grabbing them by the shoulders and saying ... ""


I hear ya.

And, I'm praying for ya.

My sympathies.

But on the upside ... you always have us to complain to!!!