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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Glimpse of Her

Every once in awhile I watch her and I don’t think she knows I’m there.

She may be heading out to school or off to her first job. She’s so full of hope and a certainty that nothing can keep her from her dreams. She is full of life and speaks with assurance that her dreams will become her reality.

She wants to change the world. She wants to help make it a better place. I don’t have the heart to try to dissuade her. Who knows…maybe she’ll succeed. Maybe she’ll go further than the one before her could. Maybe she’ll make more headway then I could.

I watch her as she interacts with others. She is shy and introverted only to a point. When her passions are flamed she becomes much more outgoing and outspoken. She will NOT watch another suffer if she can help it. She is a champion of the underdog, the cheerleader of the losing team.

I watch her apply the smile each day. She smiles at what the day can become.

I watch her shed the tears each night. She cries for what the day became.

She is young and she will survive. She will take with her the wisdom of these daily lessons. She will leave behind the uncertainty of her youth. She will walk away changed.

Now as she sits at this computer writing these words, she remembers…without regret…the girl she used to be. The glimpse of her before.


Dawn said...

Very beautiful!

Thanks for coming over for a visit!

Snowflake said...

This is an amazing blog. I like it alot. Just wanted to stop by and say I love you and and wanted to see how you were doing.

Miss B

Joy M. said...

Very Cool