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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things I'm Not

In our Beth Moore study a week or so ago, Beth reminded us not to focus on things we’re ‘not’, rather to focus on things we are.

So of course immediately Satan has been reminding me of all the things I’m not. I thought I’d get them off my chest here and then move forward to a new focus.

I am NOT…
A size 2
Even a size 12
A published author
A successful artist
A business owner
A doctor
An architect
A comedian
A gifted singer
Queen of a nation
Perfectly Symmetrical
A Mother
A Grandmother
Perfect by any standard

I AM forgiven and redeemed and exactly who I am supposed to be at this moment in time.

I am loved by God.

Take that Satan!


Dawn said...

AMEN! Good preaching, Sista! I wish I had a chance to take Beth Moore's courses - I don't know anybody around here who offers them.

Joy said...

You go, girl!