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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh My!

I did it.

I started obsessing about my sagging eyes.

It's no coincidence that this is the week of Beth Moore's "Esther" study when the focus question was: "It's tough being a woman when beauty is a treatment". We talked about Esther 2, where the most beautiful women were secluded and went through a year of beauty regimen to vie for the King's affection and ultimately a crown.

So...I started looking at my face this morning and I rarely take that close a look. I've honestly never been really vain. But I pulled that extra eyelid skin back and then the whole chin and face thing and I had to rebuke myself right then.

I am 45. I look exactly as I should at this point.

Could I make improvements?

According to the world's standard...YES!

...but honestly I think this is the ME God embraces; exactly where I am tonight.

It does help that I had my hair done and it looks awesome! I have the world's best hairstylist, who just happens to be our Pastor's lovely daughter.

I'm growing to love her and she can work miracles with hair.

I am ready to face this weekend of "love" with a good attitude and a great haircut.

Happy Valentine's Day!