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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Forgetful Forgiveness

God spoke to me this morning and unlike the occasionally whispering, he was very clear about what he had to tell me.

You see, prior to going to church, I pretty much told God I just wasn't sure about this whole church thing... I know, I know, same story over and over with me.

As we began worshipping, I asked God to prepare my heart to receive the message and to hear Him.

God didn't waste any time before he let me know my unforgiveness is what is holding me back in church(es). I am holding on to unforgiveness going all the way back to my first experiences in church...and some of my recent experiences as well.

I asked God to reveal it to me in His time and help me move through it and while attending a church potluck today, I actually felt at peace and had some fun...for a change. These things usually make me feel so uncomfortable, but not today.

In God timing I realized as I visited with a friend today about our personal study: "Hiding From Love", that I also had unforgiveness in an answer to questions about my 'hiding'.

Thank you God for revealing my hidden heart and helping me release and forgive and forget!

Proverbs 27:5 "Better is open rebuke, then hidden love."


Dawn said...

I'm so glad I came over to check on you today - two good posts. I am so glad you're getting some answers. He is faithful. I don't "hear" very often, but I just keep plugging away. I am very weary of trauma and drama right now and could use about a year of peace and rest. Keep writing!

Dawn said...

PS - what has happened with Negative Nellie?

Diane said...

I love when peace happens!

Thank you for sharing from your a significant way!

Even in the midst of are blessing so many as you share the raw truth of being human! I am so sorry that you've had some negative experiences with other other churches. Keep writing "Sistah-blogger-friend!" We'll just have church here in blogland from time to time!


kpjara said...

Negative Nelly is going through more and more negativity and I just try to help her focus on the 'positive' even on her darkest days.