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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Negative Nelly

There is a woman who sits in the cubicle in front of me and she is truly one of the most negative people I've ever met. She complains about work, health, daughter-in-law, co-workers, traffic, economy, politics, religion, food, pens, computers, her sister, her mother. You name it…she complains about it.

There are some days when I can just ignore it. Some days I find myself trying to pull her to the other side of her self-dug pit. Some days I find myself inching towards the negative myself. Some days I want to build a protective SOUND-PROOF wall around my cubicle so I don’t have to hear it anymore!!!

Today is that day. I've absolutely had it up to the droplet of hairspray from the top of my head. I think about what God is showing me in my quest for gentleness in 2009. How do I deal? Do I speak up? Do I pray aloud at my desk? Do I pray silently for myself? Do I give her a verbal warning (yes, she’s one of my staff people)? Do I plug into my MP3 and forget-about-it?
At this point, 8:04 in the a.m. I’m just not on board yet!

I want to give her a good head-womp and remind her she is alive, she has a beautiful grandson, a job (in a not so secure time), a new car, clothes to wear, food to eat, family that loves her, and boss at her wits end. Not to mention the fact that she is a Christian so she has a SAVIOR who died for her! I wonder how small God is to people who find themselves wallowing in their negativity.

…oh and God wasn't kidding when He said: “We have the power of life and death on our tongues.”

This woman is a killer.


Shalee said...

You know what I've found to be helpful? When I encounter a person like that, as soon as the person mentions a complaint, I mention something for which I am thankful. The most amazing part is that you haven't openly criticized someone and soon they person's complaints either change/lessen/disappear or else the complainer learns to not complain around me. Either way, it's a win for me!

Hang in there, Kim!

Dawn said...

Sounds like she needs to work more and talk less! That would be hard to live with, for sure. I hope you figure out the best strategy - Shalee's sounds good!

pdiddy said...

I would also agree with Shalee. Also remember I am praying for you.

GiBee said...

I think Shalee's onto something.

I would have to plop myself down in her cube and ask her... "ok, so I've heard what is bothering you -- now tell me what you're thankful for?"

Ugh... cube life isn't the greatest, is it?