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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Six Weeks Already?!

I can't believe six weeks have already passed. I'm headed back to work tomorrow and it feels almost like I'm starting a new job...mostly because I've forgotten a bunch of passwords and a bunch of new staff have been hired in my absence. I'm sure after one day of reading hundreds of emails it'll feel like old hat'.

All the same, please remember me in your prayers for energy and a great day!

With that off my chest I'll continue with The Last Lecture notes. One thing I started to realize as I read this short 'book' is that Pausch may not proclaim his Christianity (in an effort not to exclude others from the all encompassing message), but the roots of everything he does/did are grounded securely in the Word of Christ.

These last chapters have talked about 'the lost art of the thank you note', loyalty, telling the truth (ALWAYS), see in color (not just black and white), no job is beneath you, NEVER GIVE UP, and I've just finished a chapter about being a COMMUNITARIAN. I don't know about you but I've read about all these principles in God's Word.

I really stopped and pondered the idea of Communitarianism. Pausch talks about building a community. He reminds us in a very straightforward manner that we do have rights and with those rights come RESPONSIBILITY. Many of us like to glaze over that last part of the agreement. Children sometimes become selfish about sharing their toys. Teenagers today believe they are even more entitled than the generation before. It should come as no surprise that they are learning this from the adults.

Dr. Pausch speaks specifically about how we all want a fair trial if we were ever arrested; however, many of us try like the dickens to get out of jury duty!

The bottom line...for me, is to use my God-given gifts to serve (volunteer) and to be a productive, giving part of my community. This seems a fitting lesson in this start-up church we are attending and the great needs in serving that exist. As a matter of fact, God knew I was going to be reading these chapters because lo' and behold if the Pastor's wife didn't call and want to 'run something by' the hubs and I...what do you bet it's about an opportunity to serve?

I guess I should call her!


Dawn said...

Back to work on a Friday?? That seems kinda weird. I hope it went well.

When I heard this man talk on Oprah, I felt like he was speaking Christian principles, though he of course couldn't say so. There were others on that day who were the same - all seemed like Christians.

Shalee said...

Time really has flown! But hey... at least you have a job to which you can return. There's always a bright side to everything, Kim!

Just Me said...

I loved this book too, and the part about 'community' really spoke to me - so i preached on it! Yeah! Seriously...I think there is SO much good stuff in his book - more people should read it. He's not preaching at people, just sharing good life lessons, that we can all benefit from! Good reading eh!