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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Living...

...back to our regularly scheduled blogging.

The Last Lecture is coming to a close and the next section is titled: "It's about how you live your life". Pausch has several short chapters talking about how he tried to live his own life. Rather than be swayed or influenced by his own words I thought I'd throw out the way I've chosen to live my life and potential successes or struggles along the way.

I've tried to live my life with OTHERS IN MIND. I mean my life is not a selfish life, not in it's entirety. I've always had my parents' interests in mind or my friends, my better half, not just my own.

I've been an OBSERVER of life. I've watched people my whole life. My mother even says I watched people as a baby. I wasn't afraid of people, but I would observe them. The first African American I ever met I just had to touch her hair and tell her how beautiful it was. I was about 3 years old.

I also observed people interact with their own families and friends. I've learned some extremely valuable lessons from these observations...particularly things that DON'T work so well. I became a better actress in my observations and it served me well in uncomfortable situations.

I've tried to live my life with PASSION. I am a firm believer that if you do something with passion it will be much more worthwhile. Additionally if you attempt to do things you are NOT passionate about, you will never truly succeed.

I've tried to live my life with an OPEN MIND. For me, if I recognize we are not all the same and we have all come from a different place on this planet, it's much easier to accept ourselves AND others.

The most important way I've lived my life is with QUESTIONS...lots and lots of questions. I am full of questions and love books of questions. I will ask them and I will answer them. We will never have all the answers this side of heaven, but we must ask, we must seek, we must knock!

This is the very crux of who I am and how I approach EVERY part of my life; from flesh to my life in Christ, this is how I approach it. how have YOU lived your life?


Miche said...

Good topic. Still working on improving that one. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I've removed my offensive, angry post. It was inappropriate. When addressing the person that was upsetting me it went no where so I spewed it all out in my blog. Wrong place. Wrong message. I apologize if it offended you at all. That was not my intention. Thanks for always bringing me back to where I should be with you posts & comments. :)

kpjara said...

Miche, no harm done here...I'm not offended at all!

I could tell the woman was inappropriate in what she said and I've dealt with a few of those myself...only I didn't erase my words and typically said them directly to the person:) oopsy!

I like your new format of SHEN co-blogging, very entertaining so far and telling about the both of you!