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Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Am I?

I'm going on a 'blog-trip' for the next 'however-long-it-takes' and taking whomever wishes to come along. Grab your bags and come along, hopefully we will all arrive at a wonderful place of self-discovery and incredible awareness.

Recently there was an evening news program (I don't remember which one) but it played a portion of Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" (I tried to autolink it...but apparently it's not working. It's Check it can even watch the lecture.

So my father bought the book. It's a small book, only about 200 small pages. My father read it and has loaned it to me to read and reap. So I started about 30 minutes ago and it's brought me to thoughts I hadn't considered and thoughts I've missed having since my word-purge occurred over a year ago.

In the introduction, Professor Pausch addresses his desire to write and offer this "Last Lecture", which in his case was quite literal and left a legacy for so many. One of the first questions he asks in preparation for the lecture is, What makes me unique?

I stopped and considered what makes me unique. What legacy am I leaving? Am I even leaving a legacy.

Of course, the honest answer is we ALL leave a legacy. Some are forgotten or less than memorable or hopefully forgotten...but most of us leave a legacy worth remembering and when you try to put to words what your legacy is...what comes to mind?

For me, to date, my legacy is one of struggling to find my God-given purpose and living that purpose out, while trying to gain and keep wisdom along the way. My unique-ness comes from a creative spirit, a mind that seeks continually, and a heart that aches for those in pain or those unable to fight for themselves.

I am going to try to post daily as I travel through this book and I'm also hopeful there will be wisdom earned as well. I hope you all will check out Dr. Pausch's website and look at his applies to each of us and we all know we could use that feeling of one-ness with someone else that ultimately came to the end of his journey fulfilled.

The question for tomorrow is: What were your childhood dreams?


Tami Boesiger said...

Ooo! I am excited. We finally get to hear from Kim on a more regular basis. YES!

Interesting thoughts on a fascinating man. I've been thinking a lot lately on why we humans are so hard on ourselves and why we all want to be alike instead of honing those unique qualities God has given us. Why are we afraid to be who we really are?

I'm looking forward to this series, Kim!

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