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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break?

Yesterday as the snow fell...YES I said snow...I dreamed of those long-gone college days and that time of year when you didn't think you could take one more lecture, pop-quiz or another blue-book exam when all you really wanted to do was step outside into the sunshine and soak up the rays as you dreamed of being done with school altogether! I wanted a SPRING BREAK! I get spring fever bad! I am a summer person and love the sun and heat, heat, heat.

My boss recommended I go to a tanning booth. She said that it would help fulfill this sun-craving I've had. I still haven't done that because frankly I'd feel goofy going in for a one time visit of pseudo-sunshine (via tanning-bulbs), but maybe I should.

El Nino' or El Nina, whichever, has been stomping us for the past year and I'm so over it. I honestly think I'm starting to experience some of that SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and just really need some time outside in the sun.

So today the sun is shining and while there is still snow on the roads (for now), I do intend to step outside, maybe take a walk or even a drive to feel the sun rays on my face and dream of spring breaks gone by.

...Lord, let the sunshine hang out for awhile and let us see the wonder of spring through your creation...pretty please?


RaZella said...

Yesterday the weather was above 60 degrees and beautiful, and of course, I was sick as a dog. Then today, I only feel slightly better, to wake up to it snowing outside.

I can't wait for spring and summer either. I spend all winter just waiting for the cold to leave and the warmth to sweep in.

About the time I start thinking I'm getting SAD, some years I do go to the tanning bed. It does actually help quite a bit.

Aaron Thomae said...

Good Job.Check out my new blog and let me know what you think!

Morgan said...

First I wanted to tell you that the way you write is really good:) And second, I know what you mean about the sun and the spring break :) am also a summer person and I can't wait to go outside just in bare feet and lay in the grass with the sun blaring on your face and you can feel a little bit of wind through you hair- Summer is the best and am counting day the days~ God Bless