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Friday, March 19, 2010


Someone at work found this quote that we cannot find the source, but that absolutely spoke to me. As you can see if you read here very much I love words and words that are designed to inspire...even more!

This is helping me over a hump right now that I'm not quite ready to share about, but that is chipping away at a wall and some 'soul-scabs' I've had for some time.

"Trust: Belief in & reliance upon the integrity & ability of each other."

I'm struggling a bit with my faith and Anne Lamott helped make it a bit more 'real' for me and also made me realize that I am not alone in my quest for wisdom and TRUTH. The idea of trust has been warped for a bit and while I know it's within me to trust, I also know I have to be careful in whom I put that precious trust.


Dawn said...

TRUST is my word for the year. It is hard! Thanks for sharing, and let us know when you're ready to share more!

Jennifer said...

Hey. I just read a few of your posts. I just enjoy your mix of quotes, verses, and your humor. It's a great read. :) - Jen

RaZella said...

I am enjoying reading through your posts I have stumbled upon. My mother once told me about trust, "Do you drive a car? Then you know how to trust, because you trust hundreds of people with your life every day that you will never meet face to face. Now learn how to tune that trust to other areas of your life."

eva said...

I love words too,, the concept of trust has resonated with me a great deal recently, since being chronically ill. I have felt a loss of trust in others (who have let me down) and in my sense of safety in my own body ...... but there is no finality in this; it is a journey, I may have to understand what is betrayal and loss of trust and how trust may be renewed. it is a process. quite a painful one but hopefully growthful.... xxxx eve