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Friday, September 18, 2009


I’ve been a blog-dog lately and not only have I not written anything, but I’ve been extremely lax in reading my favorite sites too!

Let me see if I can post an update if for no other reason than to have an entry for the month.

1. My 11th anniversary is tomorrow. Since we are not blessed with children of our own…it is still one of the most treasured days of my life on earth…right up there with birth and graduations.

My husband is still the ‘one’ and I hope we have many more years together.

2. We just returned from a mega-vacation. We had really anticipated going to Disney World this year (and we still will one day)…but instead decided a trip to see my brother and SIL would be better. They live in a lovely township across the bridges from Philadelphia in Mt. Holly, NJ.

Thursday: We did so much traveling. We drove from OKC up I-44, to Indianapolis the first day (LONG DRIVE). We didn’t site see there, too late to do much.

Friday: The following day we drove over to Canton, OH to see the Pro-Football Hall of Fame. Very cool, if I do say so myself, oh and we happened by this darling Smucker’s outlet that is the site of the original Smucker’s kitchen. I had no idea Smuckers, Pillsbury, Martha, some coffee company and a few others were all one big company now and they all represented.

Saturday: The next day it was on over to Mt. Holly via the Poconos and Northern Pennsylvania. We saw TONS of corn. As a matter of fact from IL through PA we saw corn, corn, corn, corn! I can’t imagine what the real CORN state is like.

Once we arrived in NJ, my brother had made a dinner of homemade ‘brick-oven’ style pizza, then we drove over to Wildwood a beach on the edge of Cape May, NJ. It was about 9:00 pm when we arrived there and PACKED OUT! The first thing we did was walk the ½ mile across beach to put our feet in the water. I always feel so at home around the beach. I’m definitely a water person!

We walked the boardwalk (miles of it) and then headed back to their home. We got in after 1:00 am…slept like a log!

Sunday: The next day we were up and out early to go to their local Flea Market. It was like a giant garage sale with local food. It was very cool. I picked up a couple of little things for my home.

We went to their very URBAN church in downtown Philadelphia that evening and I was amazed to see so many homeless people attending. It was d efinitely a different but great experience. The sound wasn’t great, so it was hard to hear the message, but it was cool just to sit and observe.

Monday: Labor Day, we drove to Staten Island and took the Ferry across to NYC. We spent all day at NYC. We walked about 20-25 miles during the course of the day and my legs were beat!

Tuesday: We went to Amish Country and shopped and ate…
Wednesday: We went to downtown Philadelphia and were typical camera carrying site-seers.
Thursday: Hung out close to Mt. Holly and then attended the Philosophy class my brother teaches at a local college.

Friday: Headed out early and drove to Knoxville, TN (LONG DRIVING DAY). Did see this lovely creature a gas station no less! He had the nerve to Cock-a-Doodle-Doo me (when I took his picture) and it was already after 8:30 am

Saturday: Over to Memphis to see Graceland (Swooning for Elvis) and then to Mississippi to a River-Boat Casino.

Sunday: Home again, Home again. The dogs were SO happy to see us.
Monday: Laundry and mentally prepare for work.

So…I do have an excuse for a few weeks in preparing for the trip and being gone and without a laptop to blog-long-distance anymore, it makes it hard to keep up.

I still go back and forth about whether to even continue this blog, but I just can’t bear to close it up. It’s been so therapeutic for me so many times and it’s much more hand-friendly than handwriting a journal.


Dawn said...

I check in frequently - and am so glad you still write. That was definitely a mega-trip! What wonderful things you saw and did.

Keep writing. Come by when you can!

GiBee said...

ok -- wait -- you were THAT CLOSE to Maryland and I didn't KNOW?

Now THAT'S a bummer! I would have loved to meet you in real life!!!!

Happy belated anniversary!

Joy said...

Came right by me. Dagnabit. I gotta get my nose out of the books occasionally and back into the "real world" of the internet. LOL

I would have LOVED to show you around Nashville. and I-40 from Knoxville to Memphis would have just given you a glimpse.

Joy from Random Gems