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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dedicated to...

One of my long-distance friends ‘got onto’ me about my lack of blogging as this is the way he stays caught up with my life. He said if I was struggling with material that I could write an entire post dedicated to him…so here it is!

My dear friend DBL!

Obviously God destined us to meet and become the best of friends from the very beginning! You were one of the friendly faces in that Physics Lab and we hit it off immediately. Silver never knew what hit him. The pranks we pulled and the rides with the t-tops were so fun…after you taught me how to remove those t-tops. You made that big University transition do-able and ultimately enjoyable.

I love your ability to teach anything. You can show a person how to do ANYTHING you can do and you truly embody the spirit of ‘give a man a fish he’ll - eat for a date, teach a man to fish

Okay maybe not ANYTHING because I could never do all the nursing things you do. I do remember going on ride-alongs and watching you teach your patients…so patiently, how to take care of themselves. I remember your compassion with all those patients and how it changed their lives to the end.

I remember the CATS audition in Dallas. I remember math class and the paper on suicide in nursing school. I remember even in our absolute differences of opinions, we could still discuss freely and passionately our ‘side’ at no cost to our friendship. I remember the all-night study sessions and waking ‘Ginger’ up to call the radio.

If someone asked me what your adage of life was then; I would say the one I remember most is: ‘Don’t burn your bridges’. You taught me to value speaking clearly and to articulate and to say ‘yes’ instead of ‘yeah’.

You taught me to choose my battles carefully (particularly with regards to family). You taught me that blood is thicker than water. This was important during some of those rough family times. You taught me to keep my mouth shut, when it seemed like I would burst if I didn’t say something! You taught me to think about what I’m about to say (and I need that reminder to this day)! You taught me to value my husband and remind me regularly how blessed and lucky I am to have Paul as my partner.

You taught me that life is not a goal, but a journey. You taught me that it’s never too late in life to do and accomplish things.

I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. You have changed lives for the better. You have overcome challenges that might have debilitated others. You have passion and fire and work harder than anyone I know …sometimes to a fault (remember the grass you cut with scissors for my rehearsal dinner?).

I hope you remember the things you taught me about the importance of family and how you can never get those times back. I hope you remember that family is more important than another zero on your pay-check. Personal success is far more important than professional success. Our lives are absolutely measured by the lives’ we have touched.

To this day I would travel thousands of miles to be there for you if you called and needed me and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt you would do the same. You are one of my most long-term friends and I thank God for you in my prayers.

I know I would have survived had we never met, but I thank God that He saw the value in our meeting and that we have weathered distance and time apart. I thank God that you are my friend!

I love you.

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