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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Update From Here in the Heartland

WOW! It's been a while since I've last put fingers to keyboard (as the case may be). Lots of stuff happening, most of it probably not all that enthralling to anyone in the blogdom...other than me, but I'll journal some of it for my own records.

I shared previously that we were going to attend a church for awhile and just see how the settling in 'fits'. A part of that is attending a Wednesday night discipleship class as well as joining a women's encouragement group. I LOVE the encouragement group and I'm warming to the Wed. night class. The teacher on Wednesday is a bit green around the gills, but his heart is in the right place. His passion is discipleship...that is clear.

We also tried a different "small group" this month and it was a better fit than the other we visited. We may go back to this one or we may try one more group. For some reason my husband and I are more comfortable around the older crowds. I don't know if we enjoy being the youngest (after years of being considered seniors in our 30's), or if it's the wisdom this group has and shares so openly. Whatever it is, we typically find ourselves most at home with the 50-60 y.o. groups.

The encouragement group is a 'mystery encourager' for a quarter. So I've been having fun writing cards and picking out little gifts to encourage her on her journey. Plus, I'm all about wrapping the stuff and the presentation.

I'm also starting a women's study this Tuesday evening at another church in town that we had visited. While we aren't going to the church, I was interested in their studies and emailed the leader. The book is by Kay Arthur; "Lord, Teach Me How To Pray". I've read a few of her books, but done no studies. I do like her writing style and I know it can only add to what I already practice.

The most exciting news is that just a few short weeks ago I got to meet a blogger I've read and 'loved' and talked to on the phone a few REAL LIFE on a recent visit she made to Tulsa. The hubs and I drove up to meet with her for an afternoon amidst a family situation she was helping maintain. It was so exciting and she was as sweet and encouraging in person as she is on the phone and in writing. She doesn't write so much anymore...I don't know why, I think life has just sort of taken over, but I'm keeping her on my blog list because I know she'll check in eventually...I know you're dying to know WHO it is...well wait no longer, it is Time For Twittering, Tam.

We shopped a bit together and shared a bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory...which was a blast. I could talk to her easily all day and night for days on end if the opportunity ever presented itself...and I'm very excited about sometime...hopefully SOON getting to go up to her hometown and visiting her and her whole family!

That's pretty much it from here in the heartland! I hope all is well everywhere else in this blogdom and beyond. Christmas is fast approaching and I'm not ready, nor am I the slightest motivated about it. I love the season, but am rethinking the whole over-gifting least today.

Have a blessed and beautiful Pre-Fall Sunday!


Dawn said...

It was so good to catch up! I am so happy to hear that you're enjoying worship and small groups again. That is SO important! I know you're enjoying the gift giving.

I am happy also that you got to meet a blog friend. That is SUCH fun. I have met 2 and Barb (Chelsea Morning) will be here next month. Exciting.

We must meet someday - if we ever get back down there, or if you get up here, let's make a date for sure.

Keep in touch!

Just Me said...

Hey sounds like you're really busy with things these days, but it's exciting to read that it's all around you getting filled up, and meeting people. It's such a lot of work isn't it, finding a new church, fitting in..finding what works etc. You sound like you're finding your niche in some areas - loved reading about the Encouragement group. Tell me more about it when you can...maybe it's something I can do in my church!

Becky Wolfe said...

Glad you are having a great month of catching up & experiencing new groups & such. I'm finding it hard with groups of any sort in the town I'm in. Its a mostly senior citizen town, and while I too love hanging out with them, they are fickle when it comes to commitment. (Art groups, photography groups, business groups - they all seem to falter) Hence I am afraid to commit to a Bible Study group.

Glad you got to meet a blogging friend. That is super cool!