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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Not My View

During my work 'transition' period...I've been watching way too much t.v. I love Ellen, but in OKC, The View comes on immediately after and I remember when this show first started and it wasn't about the stars or the was about the viewers and getting a viewpoint that covered the whole gamut. Now, to me, it's become a train wreck that I can't turn away from but I find myself so incredibly frustrated by the time they start getting into their 'hot topics' segment.

I just cannot relate to any of these women. They are either so far right I can't feel myself breathe from the constricting conservative viewpoints or they are so far left I wonder who they COULD represent...other than themselves. I can tolerate Whoopi Goldberg, but I seriously doubt any of these privileged women can really relate to the working class people they are speaking to.

I've got to learn to just turn off the television...which I am going to do now and get my day started!

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Grace O'Malley said...

As someone who recently reentered the workforce, I can totally relate to your post. The guests on these talkshows -- whether it be politicians, movie stars, etc. -- are supposed to represent "real" Americans in some way. They are so alien to me! No one I know thinks like this. Thank GOD!