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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Key to Asking

God spoke to me today so clearly in church. The pastor was speaking about focusing not on HOW, but on WHO! ONLY when we focus on WHO can we realize our potential. The HOW may seem like only a trap the enemy sets to keep us from God's purpose; but I have seen in my own life choosing to focus on the HOW rather than the WHO and drifting aimlessly and unhappily through life.

The next thing God told me very clearly was about our prayers and asking for God to reveal himself, and asking for God to bless us, and asking God to heal us, and asking God to teach us...

God simply whispered into my ear: RECEIVE.

The key to asking is RECEIVING that which He has given.



Dawn said...

Wow - I was checking every day. Then I didn't for a bit. And now I am behind by 4 posts!

Happy anniversary!

Good thoughts on worry.

Good sermon today!

Unfortunately, due to an issue with Kristen's soon-to-be-ex, I have had to go private on my blog. If you'd like the option to come over and visit me, I can put you on my list. I need your e-mail address send to mine:

If not, no worries!

Miche said...

Happy Anniversay! All of sudden there's a post almost every day! I had to do some catching up. I've missed you. As always your words not only give me food for thought but they are inspiring too.