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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did I Hit My Head?

One of my Spiritual gifts is Encouragement. I love, love, love to encourage people. I’m like one of those ‘cheerleader’ type people who loves to lift others up.

…or at least I used to be.

I’m pretty sure it started happening when I started seeing others’ through my eyes instead of Christ’s eyes. Through my eyes people are not very nice. As a matter of fact, I’d say they’re downright mean. Well most of them anyway.

My ‘encourager’ is silenced. I catch myself (usually before I say anything audibly) wanting to speak truth from my own tainted vision, rather than Christ’s absolute truth.

I remember reading a Terri Blackstock book called; “The Heart Reader”, where people are given gifts to see, hear, or feel what others are thinking, feeling, etc. I may be combining two books, but I think it’s the same one. The people with the gift didn't even know they had it until it started working. They realized they were hearing the hurts of people that were unable to speak the hurts. They were seeing ‘impairments’ invisible to the eye. They were able to help minister to these ‘broken’ people with their gift.

Perhaps I better reread that book sometime soon. Either that or I’m going to need to see a physician higher up on the ‘scale’…like the Great Physician! How do I schedule those appointments? I’ll bet he just contacts me directly.


Dawn said...

You acan do it!!

Dawn said...

Oops! Make that You Can Do It!

Diane said...

Thanks for the recommendation of what sounds like a great book!

We share a spiritual gift.....and sadly, we share the recent silencing of that "encourager." I just told my husband last weekend.....after several people in my life disappointed us on a personal level...that I am beginning to understand why seniors begin to be ready to die. Not to be overdramatic.....but the longer we live, the more we discover that most people disappoint!

Me included!

I used to think that when you are an encourager....people would respond in kind. There I go again taking a gift meant to glorify God.....and make it all about me!

The chronic nature of pain and disappointments gets weary---but our willingness to be used of God (with the gifts he has provided us to do our job) should not!

I'm gonna look for that book!

Love your last paragraph! Yup! You'll be contacted. After reading your post, the conviction in my heart seems to indicate....I've already been contacted!

Bless you!


Kelly said...

Love this post. So real. I too feel that I am a "natural" encourager.
Through the eyes of the heart...
I'm now looking for that book you mentioned, thanks. :)