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Friday, October 26, 2007


We had to get to church uber-early this past Sunday because my husband was serving, so I was sitting outside reading a book and watching people...and a car parked directly in front of me. I watched as an elderly man got out of his side of the car and walked around to let his elderly wife out. They were probably in their late 60's, early 70's. They held hands and began walking and immediately their steps fell in sync.

They walked hand in hand, step by step, to the door and at the risk of sounding cliche', it touched my heart. I thought about my own marriage and how truly blessed I am to have the most ideal husband God could have created just for me, even on days when I wonder how we could be more different in thought and deed.

I pray our marriage deepens to the level this couple at church has...this level of unconscious synchronicity. The level that says we are truly soul mates and God has blessed us with a marriage that is full of harmony and when worked and molded this harmony can lead to synchronicity. It's not just a natural occurrence.

Oh sure, the steps can be measured and attempts made to walk together in unison. But true marital synchronicity takes a lot of work. It takes giving beyond what you think you can give. It takes selfless acts of love, not just daily, but sometimes hourly. It takes putting aside the fleshly desires and thinking of your spouse first.

In the words of our Father, it's another of the sow and reap principles.

I know this...I desire for my marriage to be the way God designed it to be...and I want to walk in step with my husband all the days of our lives!

Have a blessed Friday!


Joy M. said...

I've got one for ya. Today, my husband got up to iron his clothes for work. I was still in bed cause I had the day off. I got up to go to the bathroom. Our ironing board is mounted on the back of our bedroom door so he had to lift it up for me to get out. I went to the bathroom, still very much asleep and went back to the room. I didn't knock on the door or anything, he just lifted the board and opened the door for me. I said, "What? Can you read my mind now?" He just smiled and said, "No, I just knew it was about the right amount of time for you to need back in." Wow, he's so good to me. I had to wonder though if it just meant that I am getting too predictable. Nah, we're just enjoying "synchronicity".

Dawn said...

Lovely. Just lovely. And I know you two will definitely figure it all out!

Dawn said...

Me again - one Sunday DC and I walked into church hand in hand - the greeter of the morning was so taken with the emotion of it that he brought it up in SS class as a blessing. We need to do it more often!!

Just Me said...

Ahhh....I love watching 'old' couples holding hands and walking together. I think it gives me 'hope' that the marriage relationship CAN stay 'sweet', and not just fall into familiarity. Thanks for sharing!

Dawn said...

I miss you, Kim. Are you ever coming back??

I know you're in an ice storm again today. I wonder if you even come and check this any more.

I was going to e-mail you, but don't have your address any more. You can e-mail me from my site, if you like.

Tam said...

YOU have not lost anything...this was good as was the previous two. (didn't read any further back, those are probably good as well)

Maybe we both need to get back at it...God has been to good to us not to share right?

The sweetness and sychronicity does come with work but is a blessing from Jesus that is so much more than a token gift from Him.

Praising Jesus that you have Pdiddy and I have Gordon~

Pat said...

I don't want to disillusion everyone, but I commented to my dad how nice it was that he and mom hold hands. I think they were in their 60's then.

He said, "we're just holding each other up."