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Monday, March 19, 2012

The "Kate" Effect

Following Princess Kate's recent jaunts in a pair of coral jeans, apparently retailers in the U.S. are now 'out' of these "Kate" jeans. People so admire the stars they want to emulate them in every way. Remember the "Rachel" haircut? For those of us a tad more mature there was

the "Dorothy Hamill" haircut. Which frankly was not all that flattering on anyone...including the skater. We spend money to look like and hope for the fantasy of 'being like' these famous folks.

I think we may be missing the point. If only we could 'get' that God wants us to be like Jesus. If we could master that...we'd get it. We'd live it. We'd experience it. We would be able to change the whole world if we could just get this one lesson.

It's sad really that we will spend time and money trying to be like another flawed human, but we won't spend time, energy, and rarely money being more like Jesus.

Just pondering...

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