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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prayer and Waiting

Once again I have taken far too long a hiatus from writing and my mind begins to wilt a bit when I consider not writing and then again when I sit down to actually put fingers to keys.

That said, I am here to update and say that I am entering a time of prayer. I believe it's going to be a bit more than my usual conversations with God that are far more random in topic. This is going to be a time of intense prayer for my church, the women, leadership, discipleship program, children's ministry...basically everything about the church I am attending.

I am expecting God to show up and reveal himself in a big way. I am expecting God to speak to me and give me visions and dreams and direction...but in the words of S-M-A...even if he doesn' doesn't make him any less GOD! Somehow I'm pretty sure he will!

I have been tempted to close this blog down and 'start again', but this is my journey and coming here is usually like coming home. You get that great feeling of something familiar and wonderful!

I put so much pressure on myself, that sometimes I doubt the words I have to say even mean much anymore, but God assures me He still desires to chat with me a much more regular basis and so I return...again...and hope that something that comes from the heart will make its way onto this place.

Now if I could just master the Html coding and change up the look a bit...


Dawn said...

I'm glad I came over to check on you today and found a new post. I just did a post celebrating my 5th year of blogging - and you were one of my first friends back in those days when everyone was blogging so voraciously. I miss those who have quit entirely, especially to Facebook.

I always enjoy your writing.

Mark Lim Teng Lye said...

Just dropping by and saw your nice update. Your prayers and waiting have been a very wonderful reminder for me, as I am also praying for God's guidance. God seems to show me things through people, the ways they talk; events and things that are happening around me. I am sure HE will speak to you too.

Great update. Thank you! :)