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Can You Hear Me Now?

Friday, October 16, 2009


“Hello! Is anyone there?” I thought as the door to my heart reverberated from someone knocking.

I had just experienced the incredible freedom that comes from seeing the fruit of much prayer and planning, preparation, and pause as Gathering Women kicked off last night. I could finally exhale. The women DID in fact come and we shared a meal, we had a few laughs and we immediately began to identify the various personalities accounted for; from the all-too-loveable, to the extremely shy & introverted, and everything in between. I felt the anointed on the prayers and felt completely at ease sharing my heart and hope for this group.

My very best girlfriend came as a guest (and I hope she will come as often as she can), even though she attends a different church and it made it so much easier to share just knowing she was in my corner as vulnerable as I was feeling. She stayed after and we got to sit and visit about how things went and what to try differently.

The hubs came home and shortly thereafter my dear friend headed for home and we went to bed. I tossed and turned not in uncertainty, rather in restlessness as my mind raced with thoughts and ideas about this ministry. I finally succumbed to exhaustion after 11:30 pm, realizing today is my ‘early’ day at work.

The knocking actually started while I was tossing and turning last night. I ignored it because I knew how important it was that I get some rest. It then resumed first thing this morning and I made a huge mistake…I answered without checking to see who was there.

Yep it was him, the evil one! He just started in about how incapable I was of doing anything at this church or any church. He told me I should just keep my mouth closed and not share and leave these women alone. They don’t want to hear what I have to say and if they do, there is someone much more eloquent and knowledgeable then me.

I’m telling you…he never rests. Obviously I realized I would be under attack, he works overtime on anything we desire to do for God. I’m sure these attacks will continue, but right now I’m absolutely certain that only solidifies my initial certainty that I am exactly on track with what God desires for Gathering Women!

Happy ‘Satan-Free’ Friday!


Anonymous said...

See? I TOLD ya you'd do great!! Many congrats to you in the success and feeling of accomplishment in your first night! I see another CAYA written all over it!

Love you,


Dawn said...

Sounds wonderful - and I am sure you are right that Satan does not want this to succeed!


Chrisinda said...

Kim, I loved reading this and was so glad to be a part of this wonderful evening. I want to encourage you that sometimes we feel insecure in something God called us to do, when Daniel and I were called to lead worship and knew that was something God desired for us, it was scary at first, I love to sing on a worship team, but leading a service and a team and the responsibility of it was overwhelming. I definitely thought of myself as unworthy at times. I feel like I am doing exactly what God wants me to do and He is touching lives through my obedience. Love you and I know you can do this!