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Monday, March 09, 2009

I AM Loved!

I have been uncertain what areas to serve in at the church we are now attending, but I've watched as one of the women I really care about has run herself just about ragged trying to take on TOO much at a church that has more than enough people to help.

Suffice to say, I finally felt compelled to really help her out. The hubs and I started out by spending the weekend helping paint, organize, pull together the newly redone children's rooms at church.

Then on Sunday, I went in to 'kidsplace' to see if perhaps this is an area I could help. I was hesitant, because it's been a LONG time since I've served in the children's area. My passion is more adult women, but I see this area is really in need of some help.

So during the lesson "loving one another", as I sat and pondered what I could offer... this young lady (5 y.o.) finished her project and we told them they could give their 'gift of love' to anyone they wanted...well she came up to me and gave me her gift of love.

That's the picture of that gift above. I will proudly display it in my house as the gift from an angel!

As usual, God used this small child to show me His love through her. I reached out for a hug and left church feeling like I had been touched by God.

God really is good...all the time.

Thank you Lord for using these children to reveal your wisdom to me! And YES, I'll go again.


Dawn said...

That is awesome!

GiBee said...

God speaks to us in volumes, doesn't he? We have a serious need for children's workers in our church, too... it's hard. But we are trusting God.