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Can You Hear Me Now?

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Today I write...

Today I started this blog as a venue for putting my rambling thoughts down to save, ponder, remember or discuss. I am passionate about words and meaning. I don't get impressed with over intellectualizing, rather I get impressed with someone or something that fires the neurons of my brain with new thoughts or new ideas that I hadn't considered til now.

I am seeking growth through this experience. I am hoping to put into words, my personal "journey" with God.

I am 42 years old. I am at an age where I feel certain that what I do to earn an income is NOT what defines me. It is NOT my passion, it is NOT even my desire. It IS, however, where God has placed me for "such a time as this" to encourage, to grow through endurance, and to experience a level of "thirst" and "hunger" for God that I have never before reached.

If you make it here...tell me if what you DO to earn a living, is your passion. If not, why not? What is our purpose here if not to live our passion? This is my questions today.


David said...

I too am on this journey. I commend your desire and passion to quest. It is the only thing a person can do that is convinced that God's love is absolute. His love is real, undeserved, and unending. Who wouldn't want to try to find out more about God and how He loves us? He draws us out onto this path and leads us closer to Him.
What practices have you found particularly helpful?
God bless you Kim, in all that you do, in all that you are, and in all that you are becoming.
Welcome to the blogging world.

kpjara said...

It's funny you would mention God's love is "absolute". The latest block I'm stumbling over is the definition and application as a Christian of Absolute Truth. I feel a bit like I'm "boxing God" and all He can do if I DEFINE Absolute Truth in any term over and above God's Love.

The practices I find most helpful in my path are meditation on Scripture and open discussion with my husband and my pastor, and thankfully both of them are not only open minded but very gifted active listeners!

The most difficult part for me, in my path, is relationship with others (aside from the world' greatest husband). People hurt people. We've all been hurt, yet our call is to overcome that with love. Any advice?